New Partnership Bringing More Healthy Options

The End of an Era
Gordon FamilyHappy Easter Weekend!
Easter symbolizes both an end and a beginning, and I find myself feeling exactly that.  Five years ago, Brian and I started our journey of Conveniently Natural with a fire in our hearts, hunger for making a difference, a large dose of optimism, just the right amount of ignorance, and (only) two kids in tow.  We had not a place to live, customers to serve, or any knowledge of running a business or preparing food.  Over the past 5 years, we’ve chopped and diced, packed and delivered, calculated and crunched, stretched and grown, laughed and cried, experienced some of the most profound moments, met incredible people, found great success, made some marvelous mistakes, and had the absolute pleasure of serving a wonderful community of customers!  You have invited us into your homes and onto your dinner tables for 5 years.  To each of you, we’re grateful for the opportunity to have played a small role in your culinary enjoyment, health and/or healing.
Five years ago, Conveniently Natural aligned us with who we were as a family and as professionals.  Success was primarily measured in numbers.  Over time, we have realized it spans across a much larger area – much of which is extremely grey (often messy) and subjective.  In order to better align us with what success looks like these days, we have decided to focus efforts solely on our school lunch catering.
A Partnership Is Born
In order to continue meal delivery business as usual, we sought out a company who holds our same philosophy and integrity – both personally and to the food itself.  We wanted to ensure that those of you who rely on meals week in and week out wouldn’t experience a disruption in service.  Moving forward, Conveniently Natural will be operated by our friends at local meal delivery provider, PaleoFit.
chopchop-truckBrian and I met co-owner, Graham Ripple, when we first started CN.  At the time, he co-owned Life Equals, a vitamin company offering high quality vitamins while giving proceeds to malnourished children.  Three years ago, we encouraged Graham as he and his business partner, Dave Lueck opened PaleoFit.  As a former Whole Foods chef, Dave’s experience from gourmet restaurants to personal chef clients has delighted the tastebuds of PaleoFit customers…So much so that PaleoFit has expanded beyond an exclusively paleo menu.  They took their good eats mobile last year with a food truck, Chop Chop.  As Kansas City’s first mobile grab-and-go meals concept, these guys get it.  They get that you’re busy, but don’t want a drive-through. Convenience doesn’t have to mean compromised quality.  Grass-fed beef, organic chicken, high quality, whole grains…they deliver on these same quality standards as we have for the last 5 years.
We’re excited to offer you our collaboration of offerings ~ old favorite meals as well as some tasty, new dishes to try!
The Fine Print
*Order Conveniently Natural meals as usual on our website
*New Order Deadline:  Wednesday at midnight!
*Delivery schedule:  Sundays as usual
*Vegetarian meals still offered.
*Meal Plans and Ala Carte available
*Subscriptions, Bulk Week Packages honored
While it doesn’t seem quite adequate enough, we can only say THANK YOU.  Thank you for walking with us these last 5 years and allowing us to serve you.  From our family to yours, we wish you the best in your health journey.
“People treat having a kid as somehow retiring from success.  Quitting.  Have you seen a baby?  They’re pretty cute.  Loving them is pretty easy.  Smiling babies should actually be categorized by the pharmaceutical industry as a powerful antidepressant.  Being happy is really the definition of success, right?”
                                                                    ~Jim Gaffigan on the Secret to Life
With gratitude,
Kim & Brian, Isabelle, Adrienne & Avery Gordon

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