Kissing Cousins & Other Family Secrets

Gordon Family
If Katy Perry were a country singer, she’d be singing, “I Kissed a Cousin and I Liked It.”  Not only did I kiss him, I married him.  That’s right, Mr. Conveniently Natural and I are kissing cousins… and apparently kissing led to three children.  We met when my oldest brother married Brian’s first cousin.  It wasn’t love at first sight, but a deployment to Bosnia for 6 months can make me look real pretty.  Back in 2001 (pre-Facebook, Instagram, and texting), an introduction email led to 4 months of daily emails, a seven-hour first phone call, and 2 year long-distance relationship.  Cousins schmousins…it was meant to be from that first AOL dial-up voice, “You’ve Got Mail.”  It’s only weird at family holidays when younger generations start to ask questions about who’s related to whom…and probably for my sister-in-law whose cousin became her brother-in-law.  Or my nephew whose second cousin became his uncle.  But enough about our inbred family…
One of my favorite Sharks, Barbara Corcoran, says that, “Failure and innovation are kissing cousins.”  Ain’t that the truth!  Back in the day, I certainly learned that in the kitchen with my “Stevia Brownie Hockey Pucks” and “Straight-to-the-Trash Tofu Pot Pie.”  This also resonates to me outside of the kitchen.  Many failures ago, we dove head first off the corporate diving board into small business ownership without checking to see how deep the water was in the pool.  Sure, we had our business plan and and endless spreadsheets, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.  Be it your cooking, your career, or your relationships, my secret weapon has always been to just go for it!  The conditions will never be perfect to start that new exercise plan, go back to school, ask him out, or have that third child. There’s no time like right now.  Going for it sure beats a lifetime of monotony and mediocrity, in my book.  I think Nike’s slogan should have been, “Just Get Over It” because “Just Do It” sounds too easy.  I have found that award-winning chefs, self-made millionaires, and those healthiest and happiest in their families and relationships didn’t wait for the “right time.”  They just did it anyway.
Twelve years ago when we got married, I had no idea that Brian would develop a chronic illness which would lead us to a diet that would have a caveman scratching his head and eventually impacting the health of our community with a business we decided to start.  You just never know where a kiss might lead you.
Last month, we celebrated our four year anniversary of Conveniently Natural.  It’s a privilege for us to serve you each week.  We tip our hats to all of you who Go For It and make the choice to give your body clean, healthy fuel to pursue your goals and dreams.  Cheers to failure and innovation!

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