What’s Killing Your Willpower and How to Overcome It

Bear claws, Doritos, Fast Food, Red Wine.

Have you indulged in these foods lately? Man, it’s easy to get drawn to them at the office breakfast meeting or quick stop at the gas station or when you’re short on time and your stomach is growling like a North American Black Bear who hasn’t eaten in a week.

decision fatigue Do you beat yourself up when you make unhealthy and unproductive choices because you think you lack “willpower?”  

That’s what we’ve been told is the result of poor choices, right?  Well, research from Columbia University is beginning to reveal that willpower doesn’t quite work that way.  You may actually be surprised just how much small daily decisions impact the willpower you have for important choices.  As it turns out, your willpower is like a muscle. And similar to the muscles in your body, willpower can get fatigued when you use it over and over again. Every time you make a decision, it’s like doing another rep in the gym. And similar to how your muscles get tired at the end of a workout, the strength of your willpower fades as you make more decisions.

According to a Cornell study, we make, on average, 226 food decisions each day!
Coffee before or after shower?  Or didn’t I say I was going to start green smoothies today? Blender or bullet?  Are Vitamix blenders really worth the price tag?  Why are my veggies rotting? What day did I buy them?  Will Costco take back frozen blueberries?  Oh, wait, my toddler will eat them…or were those blackberries?  Aren’t berries on the Dirty Dozen list?  What am I supposed to soak conventional produce in…vinegar?  Won’t that taste gross?  Screw it, she’s getting bananas today.  I should make that dairy-free frozen-banana-ice-cream that my colleagues wife posted on Pinterest for Mother’s Day?  Who am I kidding – I’m sure it will be Blue Bell…or Breyer’s.  Which @#$%^&ing brand was recalled again?  Is listeria really that bad?*
* “Hypothetical” 8-second conversation in the mind of an average (read: insane) busy mother.

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is the latest scientific phenomenon that refers to “I’m-Too-Tired-To-Make-Good-Decisions-After-I’ve-Been-Making-Decisions-All-Day!”  Love him or hate him, there’s no arguing that President Obama has a grueling job, chock full of tough decisions every single day.  His awareness of this has led him to eliminate easy decisions leaving him the mental bandwidth for more difficult ones.  “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”  Google founder, Mark Zuckerberg, cites similar rationale. One less frivolous decision in the morning leads to better decisions on things that really matter.

Eliminate Food Decisions by Planning Your Meals

At Conveniently Natural, we want to free up some of your decisions to leave you with plenty of strength and willpower for those tough calls you’ll be making all day everyday.  With one click, order a meal plan and have your dinners taken care of next week OR try our Sugar Detox Meal Plan and eliminate the need to think about breakfast, lunch, and dinner while giving your body the best fuel to keep you happy and productive!


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