Would You Eat an Apple That Doesn’t Brown?

Is natural beauty no longer beautiful?
apple syringe
The federal government has approved the planting of genetically modified apples that won’t turn brown when sliced. I’ve got to tell you – when I first read about this, I was shocked, creeped out, and somewhat disturbed.  As the owner of a company who makes fresh, natural foods, sometimes it feels like we’re Ugly Betty walking the runway in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  Real food, like real women, comes in all different shapes, sizes, and flavors.  Admittedly, one of our most difficult challenges is producing consistency with the appearance of our dishes when Mother Nature gives us anything but uniformity.  We know you’re used to restaurants and packaged foods that give you the same experience every time.  We strive to provide that, and yet there is a certain kind of beauty in natural, un-modified food.  Our kitchen can feel like the misfits of produce, but man, is it pretty – and natural beauty is just one of our gifts we pass along through our meals for you to receive.
Is GMO Safe?
There is plenty of research on Genetically Modified Organisms, and (like all things nutrition) we encourage you to do your own digging and decide what’s right for you.  At Conveniently Natural, we steer clear of GMO’s – we think Mother Nature does a pretty darn good job.  Apples that brown when cut can still give you that sweet power-packed taste AND keep the doctor away.  For more info, click here to read. 

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