What Pizza Restaurants Don’t Want You to Know

(It will blow your mind…literally!)
chicken pesto pizza
Have you heard of The Food Babe?  Vani Hari is an investigative consumer asking questions about what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production.  Her results would astound you!  Her research into pizza restaurants was met with a combination of ignorance and resistance to disclose the ingredient list in top pizza chains, such as Dominoes, Papa John’s, Little Caesar’s, and CPK.  Not unlike when my daughters tell me not to look in their room, it’s usually because they’re hiding something (like My Little Pony’s new haircut or inked name tags of various items on the wall).  Click here to read more about what they were hiding!  (Hint:  it shouldn’t even be considered an ingredient list if it’s not really food.)
We’re serving up 2 kinds of REAL pizza this week with ingredients you can pronounce!
Try our Breakfast Pizza with organic eggs, hormone-free/nitrate-free bacon, and seasonal vegetables AND our Chicken Pesto Pizza (pictured) with nut-free homemade pesto and organic chicken and vegetables.  ‘Better Ingredients…Seriously.’

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