How to Reduce Sugar Without Completely Foregoing Sweets

Figuring out how to reduce your sugar intake without completely foregoing sweets
sugar detox
No doubt, sugar is the diet villain du jour. You’ve probably seen some scary headlines calling sugar toxic and pointing to it as the source of all our health woes. But the real story is far more complex.  Several studies suggest that highly-palatable, highly-processed foods can produce behaviors and changes in the brain that one would use to diagnose an addiction, like drugs and alcohol.  Click here to read more.
According to the American Heart Association, women should have no more than 100 calories of added sugar per day (about 6 teaspoons). Yet the average woman gets 18 teaspoons a day! Most of our added sugar comes from sweetened drinks and packaged foods, and the Nutrition Facts label lists sugar in grams, not calories or teaspoons, so it’s easy to lose track. Fortunately, there’s a simple formula for counting up sugar from any source: Just remember that 1 teaspoon equals about 4 grams of added sugar. So if you add a teaspoon to your morning joe and later have a chocolate protein bar with 12 grams (3 teaspoons) of sugar, you have 2 teaspoons (8 grams) left for the day.
Looking for a sugar detox plan without going total caveman?
Try our Sugar Detox Meal Plan!  It includes “real food” breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for 5 days.  Participants in our 8 week plan released an average of 1.8 lbs per week, experienced increased energy, and decreased sugar cravings after the first week.  You’ll enjoy regular “real food” meals free from gluten, dairy, and any added sweeteners.

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