An Open Letter to the Head Mothers in Charge

kale bs saladI was once married to an Army officer.  They had an acronym (as they do for everything) called the HMFIC…I’ll let your brain fill in the blanks here.  In the first year of our business, this former Army officer, while creating menus, so named a salad The HMFIC Salad after me.  It was meant to pass through the layers of our culinary and administrative team and be changed to an appropriately named “healthy salad.”  Somehow, it slipped through the cracks and was posted on our website (briefly) as such.

I saw it and nearly choked (before diving onto the computer and changing it).  I mean, what would the folks at Cafe Gratitude say with their “I Am Gorgeous” and “I Am Pure” salads? And just exactly what would be in an HMFIC Salad?

As we approach Mother’s Day next week, I give a deep bow to all of you Head Mothers in Charge out there.  You’re amazing.  I’m inspired every single week by the small miracles performed by moms.

*To YOU – the one fighting for your four-year old son with leukemia and still hustling to motivate and inspire other women.

*To YOU – the single mom of 4 kids teaching them to “go for it” – bucket list and all – after becoming a 37-year old widow.

*To YOU – the one who gave up the convent to get married, put him through med school, have 3 boys, then internationally adopt a girl (back in 1977 when it wasn’t so “Brangelina” cool), and live the adventures of each day with gratitude, grace, and a loving spirit.  Thanks, Mom.  (When I’m losing my sanity, I wonder how you did it without the help of coffee or wine.  Now, THAT’S a small miracle…)

If TLC gave us a reality show to replace the Duggar’s “19 and Counting,” it would be called “3 and Cursing.”   With a 5-day old newborn in tow, we are still wondering how this happened.  A 37-year old (considered Advanced Maternal Age in world of obstetrics), 3 children, a business, and…a baby.  HMFIC Salad?  I’ll take 5, please.

There is a myth that us moms become handicapped by our “condition,” carry “baggage” with our kids, and “struggle” to do it all.  I happen to see more strength and power, clarity of purpose and focus, and humility and grace in mothers.  We do have it all.  We just don’t see it that way all the time.  It’s may not be a size 2 or perfectly clean floors, but this is what having it all can look like…So stop and taste the salad.

I’m working on it too…

~ From the Head Mother Forker


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